Secure and Strong: V4 Goes Cyber

In this fast-paced, digital age, where nearly everything we do is connected to a computer and the internet, from personal banking, communications, government sites and even medical histories, it is essential to raise awareness about what challenges these developments entail.

Increased reliance on information and communication technology (ICT) systems necessitates the development of cross-border and cross-sectoral approach. As incidents in cyberspace have become an everyday occurrence, dialogue and enhanced cooperation are now essential in order to strengthen mutual trust and develop common practices. Regional alliances, like the Visegrad Group, constitute a key part in this endeavour.

Over the past couple of months, PSSI has been involved in a research project 'Secure and Strong: V4 Goes Cyber', which seeks to improve the coordination and efficiency of approaches of Visegrad group countries on the matters of cyber security. In cooperation with organizations from Slovakia (Slovak Security Policy Institute), Poland (Kasimir Pulaski Foundation), and Hungary (Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy), the overall aim is to strengthen the collective capacity of Visegrad countries in contributing to the creation of policies on the EU/ NATO level.