(Cyber)securing Ukrainian energy infrastructure

Protection of critical infrastructure within Europe, geopolitical aspects of Nord Stream II, the need for emergency computer response teams in the energy sector in case of any cyber attack, energy security challenges of the Central and Eastern Europe – these were topics of a research trip to Warsaw in March 2016 that took place as part of project "(Cyber) Securing Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure"

In partnership with Casimir Pulaski Foundation, the key objective is to identify the needs and gaps in Ukraine’s energy law and to share the knowledge on cyber-related issues among policy makers, private businesses and professionals.

European energy companies are increasingly concerned about the threat of hackers targeting industrial control systems. With pieces of malware such as Energetic Bear or Sandworm, since at least 2013 cyber attacks became more sophisticated and Ukraine's example from December 2015 proves this point. It was the first known example of hacking bringing down a major power network, which left around 700,000 residents in Western Ukraine without electricity.

Given the tense geopolitical situation, it is imperative to provide a comprehensive platform to raise the issue of energy and cyber security in the Visegrad region and Ukraine and to find opportunities to strengthen regional cooperation in both dimensions.