Space Security Program

PSSI is persuaded that the security and sustainability of the space environment is now essential to the day-to-day lives of Earth’s inhabitants.  Should access to, and the use of, space be compromised, particularly by the deliberate actions of certain space-faring nations, the harm that could be done could be catastrophic.  Accordingly, the Institute has launched a program dedicated solely to the space security portfolio, an underdeveloped area of the broader space domain.  A centerpiece of this program is a biennial conference (two of which have already been held) with leading space security experts and officials from Europe, the United States and Japan.  The program will also embody an academic dimension in the form of a course of study entitled “Space Security in the 21st Century” under the auspices of Charles University’s Master’s Degree Program  in International Security Studies (MISS), co-sponsored by PSSI.

Since 2010, PSSI has been at the forefront of the European space security debate, producing analyses and international conferences for the international space community.  Together with the European Space Policy Institute (the sole think tank of the European Space Agency), PSSI produced the first-ever non-governmental space security conference for U.S., European and Japanese space policy officials in June 2011, entitled, Space Security through the Transatlantic Partnership.

The Institute’s space security program has worked to expand its outreach globally, including through its partnership with PSSI Washington.  In October 2013, PSSI convened its second biennial space security conference in Tokyo, Japan with the generous sponsorship of the Prime Minister’s Office of National Space Policy, entitled, Strengthening Space Security through a Trilateral U.S. – Europe – Japan Partnership.  A third conference entitled Advancing the Trilateral Europe-U.S.-Japan Space Security Partnership is  scheduled to take place in Prague on June 5-7, 2016. PSSI is also planning to convene a one-week Space Security Summer School in July, 2017.

Finally, PSSI’s longstanding commitment to academic pursuits will soon include a space security component, with a new course on space security to be introduced to students enrolled in Charles University’s MISS program for the Spring 2015 semester. In the way of “continuing education”, the Institute also favors configuring a Space Security Summer School for those students interested in a more intense series of lectures and discussions at a campus environment outside of Prague.