Whitaker Chair in Security Studies

As one of PSSI´s principal benefactors, Dr. James Q. Whitaker has long dedicated his energy, finely-tuned economic and global market skills and philanthropic resources to expanding the work of non-profit, non-governmental public policy groups and academic institutions in the US and abroad in the areas of free market economics and security studies. Dr. Whitaker helped launch PSSI´s Security Scholars Program in early 2002 and ensure that certain of its courses properly emphasize the connectivity between economic freedom and national security.

In 2004, Dr. Whitaker provided a generous grant to establish a Chair and lecture series in Security Studies at the prestigious Charles University in Prague. Soon after that positive development, the University, with the active encouragement and sponsorship of PSSI, decided to offer a Master's Degree Program in Security Studies, one of the first such degree programs in Central and Eastern Europe. Appropriately, PSSI requested that this Chair and special lecture series within the Faculty of Social Sciences, be named after Dr. James Q. Whitaker for his visionary contributions to these critical academic undertakings.

Over the past seven years, under the auspices of the James Q. Whitaker Lecture Series, the Faculty of Social Sciences has offered several graduate courses and individual presentations by leading international experts including, the “Geostrategic Importance of Central Europe”, prepared by Prof. Otto Pick, former Deputy Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Director of the Institute of International Relations, “National and Global Security in a Volatile World: Shared Risks, Uncommon Challenges, New Opportunities” presided over by Carol Dumaine, Director of Energy and Environmental Security at the US Department of Energy and David Robson, Head of Energy and Environmental Foresight of the Scottish Government and a lecture entitled “Armed Groups and Irregular Warfare: A Major 21st Century Security Challenge” by Professor Richard Shultz from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

We salute Dr. Whitaker and look forward to continue benefitting from his exceptional insights and expertise as our MA program initiates a complete English-language version in fall 2012.