Collegiate Network

Among its other activities, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) , a well-established nationwide program for American college students, administers a network of nearly 80 independent student newspapers at colleges across the country. Members of the Collegiate Network are eligible to receive technical and financial assistance as well as training opportunities through dedicated conferences and internships at national publications.

As part of a Collegiate Network program, it offers assistance for prospective young foreign correspondents and there is no better way to enhance one's international expertise than by traveling abroad and learning about different cultures, politics, history and last but not least about people's day-to-day lives. That’s why ISI and PSSI joined forces in order to provide American students with an opportunity to visit the Czech Republic as part of a Foreign Correspondent Course. Thanks to the cooperation of PSSI and ISI some 60 American students have traveled to Prague for the last three years.

Each year since the beginning of the program PSSI has arranged meetings with Czech politicians, scholars, thinkers and journalists. By hearing from these professionals, students not only discover more about the country and its people, but also deepen their understanding of Central European countries on their way to a market-oriented democracy.

It is always honor for PSSI to host a group of talented future American journalists, and we hope their stay in Prague might benefit their future careers as foreign correspondents.

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