Czech election in the era of disinformation

After almost every election or referendum which has occurred in Western countries during the past few years, suspicions arose that certain states (namely The Russian federation) tried to secretly intervene and manipulate the results. One common technique was spreading disinformation, half-truths, and hoaxes through sites or social networks. In this context, it would not be surprising if Czech disinformation websites tried to influence the upcoming European Parliament elections. That is why this project aims to observe news and articles published on Czech disinformation websites during the election campaign and to evaluate who they are supporting and how they are supporting them.

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Dates of implementation: March – June 2019

The data-gathering is conducted using the >versus< media monitoring tool, developed by the Beacon Project of the International Republican Institute. The Beacon Project supports a stronger and broader transatlantic dialogue on identifying and closing the democracy gaps in our societies exploited by domestic and foreign hostile disinformation campaigns.