Portrayal of NATO in the Czech media

Even though opinion polls show that the Czech Republic’s membership in NATO is perceived positively by the majority of the population, the reality is more complex. For example, polls suggest that many Czechs (especially young people) have only a limited knowledge about the responsibilities and goals of this organization. There is also a common misconception that membership in NATO might pull the Czech Republic into the war. This lack of understanding and subconscious fear may create fertile ground for disinformation campaigns concerning NATO and even undermining Czech membership in this organization.

The main aim of this project is to map the way in which NATO is portrayed in the Czech media. Special attention will be dedicated to the deployment of Czech soldiers to the Baltic states as a part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence, as this issue has become a subject of heated political debate in May 2018. The project will also provide recommendations suggesting how NATO-related issues could be communicated to the public. These recommendations will not only be based on our research findings, but also on consultation with leading experts in the field who participate in PSSI's NATO Summer School 2018. The final analysis will be presented in Czech, accompanied by an English summary.

Dates of implementation: June – July 2018

The data-gathering is conducted using the >versus< media monitoring tool, developed by the Beacon Project of the International Republican Institute. The Beacon Project supports a stronger and broader transatlantic dialogue on identifying and closing the democracy gaps in our societies exploited by domestic and foreign hostile disinformation campaigns.