(Cyber) Security and Financial Sector in the Czech Republic


The financial sector is critical to every sovereign State. The vast majority of sectors, if not all, has seen an unprecedented development and spread of financial technology created, deployed and used by a wide range of actors in the banking and financial industry, as well as by customers and users. Ranging from online and mobile banking, artificial intelligence, big data, automation and blockchain. Many of these financial services and products have been accompanied by the emergence of new actors entering the financial infrastructure, including financial technology (FinTech) and regulatory technology (RegTech) startups. In parallel, traditional sovereign currencies are being altered by the development of digital currencies introduced by private companies but also States preparing to launch their national digital currencies. We seem to be witnessing an unstoppable technology revolution in the financial sector everyday and world might soon be entering a new monetary era with Libra or the Chinese digital currency that might launch soon on the financial market.