U.S. Energy Department Roundtable on Energy Security


PSSI organized a roundtable on energy security with representatives of the US Department of Energy

On Tuesday, June 3, PSSI hosted a roundtable on energy security with representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy.  The U.S. delegation included Carol Dumaine, Deputy Director for Energy and Environmental Security, Alexander C. Goodale, Deputy Director for Intelligence, and Manolis R. Priniotakis, Energy Security Division. The discussion mainly focused on issues connected with the undue dependency of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) on Russian natural gas and oil.  Other issues included an innovative approach to energy development, environmental safeguards, enhanced security of supplies and the need for identifying potential interdisciplinary solutions.  Among the points analyzed were the sharp spike in oil prices and the connectivity with the weak dollar, tight supplies, climate change, continued geopolitical volatility in the Middle East and the added burden of China’s and India’s voracious demands for energy.

PSSI launches a project on identification of instruments for the protection of the Czech Republic from the non-standard economic behavior of the Russian Federation


The use of economic and financial instruments to achieve political goals is an important element of the foreign, defense and development policies of each state. The way in which this power is exercised externally or how it treats foreign investors, almost ... more »

PSSI Contributes to 2017 Space Security Index Working Group Meeting


PSSI’s Space Security Program Director, Dr. Jana Robinson, contributed to the 14th annual Space Security Index Working Group meeting hosted by McGill University in Montreal on May 2-3, 2017. The Space Security Index, a report seeking to assess ... more »

A third PSSI's roundtable on Russia’s influence activities in Warsaw


PSSI, Centrum Polsko-Rosyjskiego Dialogu i Porozumienia and Centrum Stosunków Międzynarodowych co-organized a third closed-door roundtable, in Warsaw, that presented the progress made in two ongoing projects – “The ... more »

RMSSP students met with George Firth, a security expert and a former member of the British 22 SAS Regiment


On Tuesday, April 25, 2017, RMSSP students met with George Firth, a former member of the British 22 SAS Regiment. Mr. Firth has an extensive military and counterterrorism portfolio and delivered a lecture on Hostile Environment Awareness Training ... more »

Call for Applications: NATO Summer School 2017


NATO SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 13th Annual PSSI Summer School, in cooperation with NATO Public Diplomacy Division and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. “NATO in the Age of Hybrid Warfare“ July 9-15, 2017 (Měřín, ... more »

PSSI held a second roundtable on Russia’s influence activities in Budapest


On April 5, PSSI and CEID co-organized a closed-door roundtable that presented preliminary findings from two ongoing projects – “The Development of Economic Relations Between V4 and Russia: Before and After Ukraine” and “Raising ... more »