On September 25, 2013, PSSI organized a conference entitled "The Middle East Peace Process: Old Solutions, New Solutions, or No Solutions?"


On September 25, 2013, PSSI, in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation, organized an international conference entitled "The Middle East Peace Process: Old Solutions, New Solutions, or No Solutions?". The conference was held on the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and introduced two panels.

The first one was labeled "Israel and Palestine in the aftermath of the Arab Awakening" and brought to table three distinguished guests; Gershon Baskin, chairman of the Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information, general Klaus Naumann, former chairman of NATO Military Commitee and former chief of staff of the German Federal Armed Forces and Nasser Tahboub, deputy minister at the Ministry of National Economy of Palestine. Issues of the second panel, entitled "Is a two-state solution still a viable option", were discussed by Majed Bamya, first secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Palestine, Shlomo Brom, director of the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv and Ralf Fücks, president of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

A report from the conference will be available on our website soon.

PSSI Introduces Its Brand of Economic and Financial Cross-Domain Responses to Space Hybrid Threats


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PSSI became a member of the Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI)


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PSSI launched the Security Academy for Young Politicians


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PSSI's Chairman and Co-Founder Roger W. Robinson, Jr. gave a guest lecture to Charles University students


Charles University students taking a class on Economic Warfare had a chance to attend a guest lecture by PSSI's Chairman and Co-Founder Roger W. Robinson, Jr. who talked about Russia's and China's activities in the financial and economic ... more »

Summaries of four briefing papers examining potentially risky activities of Russian state-owned or state-controlled companies in the Czech Republic now available in English


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PSSI Washington's Andrew Davenport appeared on a panel on Capitol Hill organized by the Center for a Secure Free Society


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