PSSI Visit to Japan

A highlight of 2005 activities pursuing the Corporate Council goals was a ten day visit to Japan by a group of PSSI alumni, organized and hosted by Konosuke Sugiura and his colleagues from Tokyo Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power, Chubu Electric Power and Tohoku Electric Power Companies.

In addition to visiting historical sites of Japan, two major seminars were organized for our Czech colleagues to engage university students from Nagoya University, Aoyama Gakuin University and International Christian University.

The group enjoyed Mr. Yohsaku Fuji’s hosting a reception at Kyoto University and the gracious welcome of the community of Central Japan to discuss regional economic development and manufacturing to draw lessons appropriate for Czech economic development. A visit to the Toyota plant demonstrated that the Czech invented word “robot” was being impressively applied.

At a reception given by Mr. Nobuya Minami, former President of TEPCO, we were honored to have in attendance, Her Excellency and former foreign minister, Yoriko Kawaguchi. At the conclusion of that event, Oldřich Černý, Executive Director of PSSI presented Mr. Minami (an ex-hockey player) with a Czech puck from the 2004 world champions Czech Republic hockey team.

The PSSI group visited the world’s largest nuclear power plant, TEPCO’s Kashiwazaki-Kariwa and the world’s most efficient gas powered plant, Tohoku Electric Power’s Higashi-Niigata. A special tour was provided by Isamu Seto of the Niigata beach which was the scene of the kidnapping of Japanese citizens by North Korea.

This year’s trip proved the magic of developing relationships between companies and universities. This field trip brochure presents the highlights of the trip, including some special observations of our scholars. This trip was truly memorable and we are grateful to our Japanese friends, particularly to  Konosuke and Noriko Suguira, who helped to make it possible and successful.