Energy Security Academy

The one-week intensive course is the inaugural project of the broader Energy Security Program established at PSSI in the fall of 2012, which includes a three-year joint educational initiative with Masaryk University in this critical field.

The aim of the course is to provide Czech and international students with an introduction to this relatively new aspect of security studies. Energy security gained importance in previous years due to sharply increased consumption by developing countries and tightening supplies. Added to these concerns, are politically-inspired supply disruptions (e.g. Russia and Ukraine etc.) as well as the advent of new technologies enabling the commercial extraction of shale gas. Overall, there has been, insufficient attention paid to this field at most Czech universities. Masaryk University, for example, is the only Czech university to have a graduate level program in Energy Security, hence PSSI’s strong interest in partnering with this visionary institution.

PSSI and Masaryk University in Brno are committed to expanding this brand of cooperation in the interest of offering students more stimulating and career-relevant educational opportunities in the field as well as practical experience wherever possible. In so doing, we are making a significant contribution to producing future government and private sector policy practitioners and executives with a rich, nuanced energy security background and a sophisticated, global perspective.

All students that completed our  intensive couses on energy security and sucessfully fullfilled all course's requirements became members of growing group of young PSSI's graduates and were included in PSSI's Alumni Program.