Energy market in Central Europe - New Opportunities, New Challenges

In September 2016, PSSI joined the project “Energy market in Central Europe - New Opportunities, New Challenges” led by the Jagiellonian Klub, and sponsored by the International Visegrad Fund. Other partners involved in the project include the Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs from Slovakia, and the Századvég Foundation from Hungary.

The EU has adopted in the past years numerous legislative packages to increase competitiveness on internal energy markets, and remove barriers to trading power and gas between member states. Further changes introduced key rules that are currently functioning in markets across all EU states, and the latest package also created institutions to streamline the removal of trade barriers between states: ACER and ENTSOG.

The ongoing integration of energy and gas markets in the EU provokes a discussion on the remaining obstacles, and helps generate new ideas. In October 2012 economy ministers from the V4 Group signed a memorandum on market integration, and relevant national regulatory institutions prepared analyses on the stability of their markets. In 2013 prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary signed a road map to create a regional gas market.

The aim of the project is to assess the current state of gas markets in the Visegrad region, and to explore available options for creating a comprehensive regional market with a fully integrated infrastructure, and high liquidity.