Prague Security Studies Institute Washington

In the fall of 2006, the Prague Security Studies Institute Washington (PSSI Washington) was established in Washington, DC. Its mission is to strengthen U.S. understanding of the security challenges facing Central and Eastern Europe, and other post-communist states. PSSI Washington also seeks to enrich the public policy debate on both sides of the Atlantic with respect to the connectivity between transatlantic security issues and those confronting our allies in the Asia-Pacific region. It is also a leading resource in the expanding fields of space security and economic and financial statecraft and is seeking to partner more closely with the Center for Strategic and International Studies. PSSI Washington is committed to helping communicate, explain and predict official U.S. perceptions and policy options concerning key global flashpoints. It will continue to convene periodic, co-sponsored conferences and roundtables and fulfill its role as the first Czech non-governmental security policy organizations to establish a presence in the United States